At Roxy our church life is based more on relationships and God's Word, the Bible. We do have guidelines for accountable governance and we also have a solid Safe Churches policy for the proper protection of all people.

Being a Church of Chirst, a movement that is now over 200 years old, we have three basic statements that guide us: In the essential things (for salvation) we have unity. In the non-essential things we have liberty that respects different points of view, and in ALL thing we show grace to all. We're not going to let a difference of opinion over something arguable hurt our unity of fellowship.

Our Mission (What we do)

"Building you and our community" - and this fulfils the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

Our Vision (Where we are heading)

“We want to become a strong and vibrant, multi-cultural church of mission-hearted Christ-followers, who are greatly impacting and influencing our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through our compassion and sense of hope, a powerful healing ministry, and through the planting of more new churches in the East Hume-Wallan corridor. We want to become a strong, prophetic, and generous church that is able to greatly encourage, resource, and empower other churches and ministers in their mission contexts and ministry endeavours.”